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iMake It @ Home Challenges

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

iMake It @ Home STEM Challenges are fun, hands-on, maker experiences for students and families. Join our speakers on YouTube to learn about exciting STEM concepts and careers. You will learn how to make your own ideas come to life. Check out our past and future events below.

Upcoming Events

March 9, 2021 -5:00-6:00 pm

Challenge = Cardboard Box Table

Guest Speakers = Students from The University of Dayton’s Multi-ethnic Engineering Program.

Supplies: Cardboard Box, Scissors, Tape, Glue, Any other supplies you want to use!

Join us on YouTube at:

STEM Cards & Photos

Use this link to get FREE STEM cards:

Use this link to share photos of your creation:

Teacher & Family Resources –March

Use these resources to either explore more after the event or preview material before watching the video.

Past Events

November 2020 – Bobble Heads with engineers from the Westside Makerspace

Next Session = May 2021