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STEM ed Quality Framework

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

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STEM ed Quality Framework – The purpose of the quality framework is to support on-going communication between and among STEM stakeholders by creating a common framework for conceptualizing, and a common language for communicating about STEM teaching and learning. In this capacity it can support educational leaders in making informed decisions about the allocation of resources, especially with regard to the planning and delivery of professional development. Finally, at the micro-level, the framework and rubrics can guide teachers in designing quality STEM learning experiences and provide a valuable tool for reflection and self-assessment. Perhaps most importantly, it can serve as the common ground where both teachers and STEM professionals can anchor their collaborative work as they endeavor to build the bridges from classrooms to STEM careers.

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The intention for the STEM Education Quality Framework (SQF) is to inform stakeholders in regards to quality STEM education.

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