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Target Practice

In this activity students investigate and research the reflection and refraction of light. The speed of light will be altered by creating multiple scenarios where the light must pass through a variety of media.  Through the use of a variety of objects students will learn about reflection and refraction of light.
Physical Sciences Grade 5 – Benchmark F: Describe the properties of light and sound energy.
Scientific Inquiry Grade 5 – Benchmark A: Use appropriate instruments safely to observe, measure, and collect data when conducting a scientific investigation.
Grade 5 – Benchmark B: Organize and evaluate observations, measurements and other data to formulate inferences and conclusions.
Grade 5 – Benchmark C: develop, design and safely conduct scientific investigations and communicate the results.
Measurement Grade 5 – Benchmark D: Select a tool and measure accurately to a specified precision.
Design Grade 5 – Benchmark A: Design and apply a design process to solve a problem.