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Thermal Insulators

Students will explore thermal insulators through a design challenge in which students study and test insulative properties of common materials after which they will conduct data analysis and use their findings to propose a solution for the design challenge.  This lesson includes a student designed experiment as well as a structured experiment.

If you have a PC, here is a game your students can use.  Please explore the Build-a-Bot game as a student tool.  Download the Build-a-Bot game. Instructions for the Build-a-Bot game.

Physical Science Grade 5 – Benchmark D: Summarize the way changes in temperature can be produced and thermal energy transferred.
Scientific Inquiry Grade 5 – Benchmark A: Use appropriate instruments safely to observe, measure and collect data when conducting a scientific investigation
Grade 5 – Benchmark B: Organize and evaluate observations, measurements, and other data to formulate inferences and conclusions.
Grade 5 – Benchmark C: Develop, design and safely conduct scientific investigations and communicate the results.
Grade 8 – Benchmark A: Explain that there are differing sets of procedures for guiding scientific investigations and procedures are determined by the nature of the investigation, safety considerations and appropriate tools.
Grade 8 – Benchmark B: Analyze and interpret data from scientific investigations using appropriate mathematical skills in order to draw valid conclusions.
Science & Technology Grade 8 – Benchmark B: Design a solution or product taking into account needs and constraints (e.g., cost, time, trade-offs, safety)
Data Analysis and Probability Grade 5 – Benchmark E: Collect, organize, display and interpret data for a specific purpose or need.
Grade 5 – Benchmark F: Determine and use the range, mean, median and mode to analyze and compare data and explain what each indicates about the data.
Grade 8 – Benchmark A: Create, interpret and use graphical displays and statistical measures to describe data; e.g., box-and-whisker plots, histograms, scatterplots, measures of center and variability.
Grade 8 – Benchmark D: Find, use and interpret measures of center and spread, such as mean and quartiles, and use those measures to compare and draw conclusions about sets of data.
Grade 8 – Benchmark F: Construct convincing arguments based on analysis of data and interpretation of graphs.