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Survivor Fraction Island

Survivor Fraction Island

Engineers and Scientists often use simulations to determine the potential outcomes of problem situations. Being able to control the variables in order to plan what needs to be done to solve those problems or plan for potential problems is essential to this process. In this unit, students will use the Engineering Design Process to create a solution in which the amount of food, water, and space needed for compatible animals to survive in an escape pod for various periods of time will be represented. In order to get to that point, the unit will explore equivalent fractions through modeling and reasoning, determine equivalent fractions, add fractions with like and unlike denominators, and fit units within a given volume.

Engineering Design Challenge

A catastrophic event has happened and the world’s largest zoo must evacuate all of its animals safely. Each team of Zoologists is responsible for creating an escape pod for the animals from their part of the zoo, representing a specific biome from around the world. Your students will use their knowledge of fractions and volume to create a plan showing how many days animals in an escape pod will survive with the food and water included in the pod.

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