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Sterilization Station

Bacterial and fungal spores are all around us every day. Most of the bacteria that we encounter are not harmful to us but a few are and these can lead to undesirable, even fatal, outcomes. In this activity, students will design and construct a container with a germ free environment and will then test to see if it is truly germ free.
Life Sciences Grade 12 – Benchmark D: Summarize the historical development of scientific theories and ideas, and describe emerging issues in the study of life sciences.
Science & Technology Grade 9 – Benchmark A: Explain the ways in which the processes of technological design respond to the needs of society.
Grade 9 – Benchmark B: Explain that science and technology are interdependent; each drives another.
Geometry and Spatial Sense Grades 8-10 – Benchmark C: Recognize and apply angle relationships in situations involving intersecting lines, perpendicular lines and parallel lines
Grades 8-10 – Benchmark E: Draw and construct representations of two-and three- dimensional geometric objects using a variety of tools, such as straightedge, compass and technology
Measurement Grades 8-10 – Benchmark B: Use formulas to find surface area and volume for specified three-dimensional objects accurate to a specified level of precision
Grades 8-10 – Benchmark E: Estimate and compute various attributes, including length, angle measure, area, surface area and volume, to a specified level of precision
Grades 11-12 – Benchmark B: Apply various measurement scales to describe phenomena and solve problems
Grades 11-12 – Benchmark C: Estimate and compute areas and volume in increasingly complex problem situations