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Practical Frac-tile

Practical Frac-tile

Students will engineer a functional cafeteria floor plan when given the room’s area as well as specific stationary objects. The created floor plan will show both cafeteria functions (cashier, snack table, silverware station, trash, recycling, etc.) human traffic patterns which will be achieved with the tile patterning. Student engineers will work within a given budget utilizing fraction and geometry prior knowledge. Students will compute decimals/fractions, tessellate various polygons, utilize perimeter and area, convert fractions, decimals, and percents while implementing the engineering design process to produce optimal cafeteria traffic flow.

Engineering Design Challenge

Students are challenged to design a cafeteria floor plan that shows cafeteria functions and a traffic pattern for student movement. Teams will be given a specific area for their cafeteria as well as predetermined stationary objects that would be in the cafeteria to work around. The design must include various shaped tiles and be completed under a specified budget. They will decide the necessary components and organization of the cafeteria, as well as what is needed in the floor design (for example, possibly including a location for milk purchases). Teams will also need to think about how people move throughout the cafeteria (for example, what direction students will walk to go through the line and then return their lunch trays?). They will design a floor pattern to show these elements by tessellating different shaped tiles. After the students create their initial design, they will be asked to redesign their floors by using less money. There is incentive for the design team that saves the greatest amount of money.

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