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Next Generation Wind Racer

Over the course of nine short lessons students will establish the benefits of a wind powered vehicle, explore the definition of a Formula One race car, compile materials suitable for this build, design a vehicle that can harness wind for propulsion, build a formula one wind racer, test their vehicle, redesign or modify based on initial test results, test their final vehicle design, and then conduct speed trials in which students will compete against peer designs.  Both testing phases will require students to record, organize, and analyze their results.  Students will cement their understanding in wind as a source of energy, build their understanding of benefits of current technology, explore science as doing and practice grade appropriate mathematical skills to address Ohio Academic Content Standards.
Earth and Space Sciences Grade 4 – Benchmark D: Analyze weather and changes that occur over a period of time.
Science and Technology Grade 4 – Benchmark A: Describe how technology affects human life.
Grade 4 – Benchmark B: Describe and illustrate the design process.
Scientific Inquiry Grade 4 – Benchmark A: Use appropriate instruments safely to observe, measure and collect data when conducting a scientific investigation.
Grade 4 – Benchmark C: Develop, design and safely conduct scientific investigations and communicate the results.
Scientific Ways of Knowing Grade 4 – Benchmark C: Explain the importance of keeping records of observations and investigations that are accurate and understandable.
Measurement Grade 4 – Benchmark C: Develop common referents for units of measure for length, weight, volume (capacity) and time to make comparisons and estimates.
Patterns, Functions & Algebra Grade 4- Benchmark F: Construct and use a table of values to solve problems associated with mathematical relationships.
Grade 4- Benchmark G: Describe how a change in one variable affects the value of a related variable.
Data Analysis and Probability Grade 4 – Benchmark A: Gather and organize data from surveys and classroom experiments, including data collected over a period of time.
Grade 4 – Benchmark B. Read and interpret tables, charts, graphs (bar, picture, line, line plot), and timelines as sources of information, identify main idea, draw conclusions, and make predictions.