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Next Generation Super Hero

Next Generation Super Hero

Student teams are challenged to genetically alter a Superhero so that the Superhero is able to conquer a major disaster facing the nation. In order to effectively overcome the disaster, students will acquire knowledge of the disaster and the skills needed to be successful. Then, student groups will be provided with a list of potential Superheros that they must figure out how to genetically alter and reproduce in order to have the best probability to defeat the disaster. Students will produce an animation detailing the transformation of the Superhero from generation to generation.

Engineering Design Challenge

Your job is to analyze the ways that traits are inherited from parents and then generate a formula that will ensure that desired traits are inherited and undesired traits are eliminated to create a superhero who proves to be disease resistant. Superheroes need to be able to save the world from natural disasters BUT have limitations. How do you maximize their superpower traits and ensure that offspring will inherit the best of each parent? Does the environment that your superhero lives in or is raised in affect the potency of the superpower inherited? Develop a written plan outlining the targeted traits, including graphs that show the proportional changes in subsequent generations. You will also design and build physical or virtual prototypes of multiple generations.

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