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Mimic Me!

Mimic Me!

In this unit, students will design a new form of technology inspired by living things around the world. Their investigation will include hands-on exploration of different cell parts and their functions; basic block-based, graphical computer coding to present parts of a cell; and biomimicry ideation tools embedded in many of the lessons to increase inspiration and creativity. This open-ended design challenge will foster imagination and creativity where students can use their knowledge of cell organelles to design a new technology that solves a far-reaching problem or need.

Engineering Design Challenge

Students will engage in the engineering design process to invent their own brand-new technology! Students will explore the unique ideation process of biomimicry and the amazing functions of cell organelles as inspiration for their designs. This challenge is wide open for students to be creative and think outside the box. They will present their designs using a mixture of computer coding and quality oral presentation skills.

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Unit Lesson Plan (PDF)

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