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Let’s Generate

This lesson compliments the Dayton Regional STEM Center lesson titled Electric Motors (designed for grade 11).

Students will dissemble a toy motor in order to understand the transformation of kinetic energy to mechanical energy.  Through experimentation and research students will discover how to turn their motor into a wind generator.  Students will then study the wing/ blade variables of pitch, camber, and surface area in an attempt to improve their generator design.  By applying what they have learned through research and scientific inquiry as well as math concepts and the engineering design process, students will collaborate to create a “best” design. The objective of the design is to engineer a generator that can produce enough voltage to light a LED bulb.

Physical Science Grade 8 – Benchmark B: In simple cases, describe the motion of objects and conceptually describe the effects of forces on an object.
Grade 9- Benchmark D:  Explain the movement of objects by applying Newton’s three laws of motion.
Grade 9- Benchmark E:  Explain how energy may change form or be redistributed but the total quantity of energy is conserved.
Grade 9 -Benchmark H: Trace the historical development of scientific theories and ideas, and describe emerging issues in the study of physical sciences.
Science and Technology Grade 8 – Benchmark B: Design a solution or product taking into account needs and constraints (e.g., cost, time, trade-offs, properties of materials, safety and aesthetics).
Grade 9 –Benchmark A:  Explain the ways in which the processes of technological design respond to the needs of society.
Scientific Inquiry Grade 8 – Benchmark B: Analyze and interpret data from scientific investigations using appropriate mathematical skills in order to draw valid conclusions.
Grade 9 – Benchmark A: Participate and apply the processes of scientific investigation to create models and design, conduct, evaluate, and communicate the results of these investigations.
Measurement Grade 8- Benchmark A:  Solve increasingly complex non-routine measurement problems and check for reasonableness of results.