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Humpty Dumpty: Stay on the Wall!

Humpty Dumpty: Stay on the Wall!

Preschool and Kindergarten Unit

In this unit, students will conduct scientific investigations and use the engineering design process to solve a problem related to the nursery rhyme: “Humpty Dumpty”. The scientific investigations will engage students in understanding weather patterns, recognizing signs of impending weather, sorting and describing materials, and building strong structures. The students will form generalizations using their prior knowledge about the weather. Students will create and test a safety seat for Humpty Dumpty. Students will use the engineering design process to test a seat that will withstand specific elements of weather and analyze their results to improve their product. Students will engage in analyzing, collecting, and recording data throughout this collaborative inquiry-based unit. This is a 9-lesson unit. Lessons 1-8 will build background knowledge for students that will inform their decisions during the engineering design challenge in Lesson 9.

Students will study and test various common materials, then use their collected data to help design a structure that will keep Humpty Dumpty (simulated by a plastic egg) from falling off of a wall during both a simulated rain storm and a simulated wind storm. Students will then analyze their data and redesign the structure to improve the results. Students will use common classroom materials to build their structures.

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Unit Lesson Plan (PDF)

Student Resources (Word) *

Stay on the Wall Story (PDF)

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