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Playground Project

In this lesson, students work in small groups to design, plan and create a three-dimensional model of a safe playground. Students will conduct research to determine the specific needs for the playground and design and draw a scale model of their playground which must include a slide, climbing structure, swing set, and at least one other piece of equipment.  Students will also calculate the perimeter for fencing needs and the volume of rubber mulch needed to safely cover their playground.   They will also determine the total cost based on the materials needed. The culminating event is a presentation for which each group will make a three-dimensional model of their design.
Numbers, Number Sense and Operations Grade 6 – Benchmark D: Use models and pictures to relate concepts of ratio, proportion and percent.
Measurement Grade 6 – Benchmark C: Identify appropriate tools and apply appropriate techniques for measuring angles, perimeter or circumference and area of triangles, quadrilaterals, circles and composite shapes, and surface area and volume of prisms and cylinders.
Grade 6 – Benchmark E: Use problem solving techniques and technology as needed to solve problems involving length, weight, perimeter, area, volume, time and temperature.
Mathematical Processes Grades 5-7 – Benchmark- A: Clarify problem-solving situation and identify potential solution processes; e.g., consider different strategies and approaches to a problem, restate problem from various perspectives.
Grades 5-7 – Benchmark- B: Apply and adapt problem-solving strategies to solve a variety of problems, including unfamiliar and non-routine problem situations.
Grades 5-7 – Benchmark- H: Use representations to organize and communicate mathematical thinking and problem solutions.
Science and Technology Grade 6 – Benchmark B: Design a solution or product taking into account needs and constraints (e.g., cost, time, trade-offs, properties of materials, safety and aesthetics).
Scientific Ways of Knowing Grade 6 – Benchmark C: Give examples of how thinking scientifically is helpful in daily life.