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Flat Pack Farming

Flat Pack Farming

Help save the Earth! As a third-grade class, discover how and why businesses are continuing to put focus on reducing materials for packing goods. Students will learn firsthand how to reduce and reuse resources to save the Earth, save materials and reduce costs. Students will design a container garden with foldable containers, seeds, and other needed materials that can be flat-packed into a standard-sized box that could be shipped anywhere in the world.

In addition to the engineering challenge, students will continue their STEM curriculum in other areas. In science, students will be asked to review the life cycles of plants and will learn the differences between renewable and reusable materials. Students will use technology to present their plans. Finally, in math, they will use area and perimeter to plan their product.

Engineering Design Challenge

Go green anywhere! To save on shipping costs and detrimental environmental effects, students will be designing a zero-waste flat-pack garden that could be mailed anywhere in the world. Included in the box used for shipping, there will be shipping materials, plant seeds, and the growing containers. The shipping box will be the main component that holds all of the gardening containers used during growing. Students will design each of the separate growing containers that both fit within the box and can be used to grow the seeds. All items used in the shipping process will be used to create the garden to eliminate waste.

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