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Flash to the Finish

Flash to the Finish

In this unit, students will be dropped in a random location in Hawaii. They must design the most effective route for participants to meet at a central finish point. They will need to know their surroundings and understand various topographic features of the land. Students will focus on the characteristics of their course (changes in elevation) and how weather events change the course over time. Topographical changes throughout the course will be noted by the students as weather and seasonal variations (flooding, mass wasting, earthquake, volcanoes, etc.) as they can possibly affect the course. Differentiation will occur as students are assigned different roadblocks at random times they must survive. Based on this adventure, students will be exercising job skills found in cartography and geospatial information sciences.

Engineering Design Challenge

You must research and create a packing list of supplies that fits into a 9x14x22 in. suitcase weighing no more than 20 lbs. These supplies will guarantee your survival in a preassigned, undisclosed location. After completion of your survival kit, you’ll be airlifted to begin your race! From there you will create a topographic map and 3D model that will get you to the finish line faster than your competitors, but don’t get too excited, many roadblocks will be placed in your path.

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