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Feed the Birds

Feed the Birds

In this unit, students will think about what they do when they get hungry. When they get hungry, they must find food. This is exactly what animals do to meet their basic needs. Have students ever wondered how birds eat? Birds are in most schoolyards and can easily be observed by students. Students will imagine what it would be like to get food from a feeder and explore the question, “How can you attract birds to your schoolyard by designing a bird feeder?” Students explore the different types of bird feeders and specifically, how they can design a bird feeder to attract the most birds to their schoolyard. The students will learn about types of bird feeders and design their own bird feeder to entice the most birds. They will explore and experiment with a variety of objects to differentiate between materials that are ideal for feeders. As birds eat the food from the feeder, the food totals will be collected and measured to determine which bird feeder was appealing to the greatest number of birds.

Engineering Design Challenge

Students will use science, technology, engineering and math to learn about birds and to what food they are attracted. The students are challenged to create a bird feeder that will attract the most birds to their schoolyard. Students will be given a variety of materials to create the bird feeder. It will need to hold two cups of bird feed. Students will be making observations periodically throughout the day and recording the gathered data. Can the students attract enough birds to be considered the Bird Buffet of the year?

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