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David & Kayleen Explore Sound

In this activity the students will: explore volume and pitch through their interactions with sound tools; use sound meters to record sound levels of noises they commonly hear to learn that the volume of sound can be measured in decibels; observe an object vibrating and hear the sound it generates; explore that the same vibrating object can generate different pitches based on the length of the vibrating end; explore a website to learn more about pitch and volume in relationship to sound created from different objects; read a fictional story about a problem created by sound, how the Engineering Design Process is used by David and Kayleen to solve their noise problem, be exposed to the career field of an acoustical engineer, and explore possibilities for dealing with unwanted sound; explore what an acoustical engineer does including the tools one would use to solve different problems relating to noise; use the Engineering Design Process to investigate factors influencing the perceived volume of a sound; explore absorptive properties of different materials and their affects on recorded decibel readings and visually represent their data; design, create, and test ear protection; and redesign their ear protection in an attempt to produce an improved design that absorbs even more sound than their first design.