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STEM ed Quality Framework

STEM ed Quality Framework – The purpose of the quality framework is to support on-going communication between and among STEM stakeholders by creating a common framework for conceptualizing, and a common language for communicating about STEM teaching and learning. In this capacity it can support educational leaders in making informed decisions about the allocation of resources,…
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Lab TV

The National Defense Education Program is building a foundation for the future workforce needs of the Department of Defense by supporting science and math programs. Part of that initiative is called LabTV. At the K-12 (pre-college) level, NDEP emphasizes hands-on learning experiences and encourages students and teachers of all ages to “learn by doing” with Science,…
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Dayton Regional STEM Center Reflective Practioner RTOP Rubric

The rubric delineates consistent assessment criteria. It allows teachers to assess criteria which are complex and subjective and also provides ground for self-evaluation, reflection and peer review. It is aimed at accurate and fair assessment, fostering understanding and indicating the way to proceed with subsequent learning/teaching. RTOP Rubric

ITEL ADISC: Technology Integration Model

A planning tool to aid educators in the integration of technology for various purposes in the student learning environment.  This model helps users differentiate the diverse applications that technology can serve and identify areas where technology can be integrated to increase the richness of the learning environment. ADISC Model

Engineering Design Process

The Engineering Design Process constitutes the general methodology that engineers and scientists use in the ideation, creation and modification of artifacts or processes.  Examples of designs generated in Dayton Regional STEM Center curriculum include; a water filtration device, solar home model and even a manufacturing and packaging process.  Use of the Engineering Design Process in the classroom environments promotes…
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Negron named 2012 STEM Professional of the Year from the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer

Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio — Mr. Ricardo Negron, Chief of the Domestic Partnering Branch in the Plans and Programs Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has received the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Professional of the Year award for 2012 from The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer.…
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Dayton Regional STEM Center Efforts: Recognized at International Technical Conference

In early 2011, Dayton Regional STEM Center (DRSC) initiated the creation of a high school modeling and simulation elective course.  This effort has been successful thanks to National Defense Education Program; SAIC; Col (ret) Jack Franz; Dr. Winston Bennett and his team;  AFRL’s Mr. Bruce Preiss; Lead Curriculum Author: Kim Puckett.  This curriculum is currently…
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SRC Donates to Dayton Regional STEM Center

Thank you SRC for your generous donation to support the Dayton Regional STEM Center teacher training and curriculum efforts.  It is support like yours that allows us to train and offer STEM educational opportunities in over 90 Ohio School districts and other states.  These opportunities inspire and educate teachers and students in STEM skills and…
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SAIC Donates to Dayton Regional STEM Center

In an effort to spur innovative STEM curriculum and student opportunities, SAIC has made a generous contribution to Dayton Regional STEM Center.  This contribution will be used to commence the creation of an introductory Modeling and Simuliation high school course.  Using Dayton Regional STEM Center STEM ed Quality Framework; template; educator, industry, and higher ed…
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