Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Aerial Sensing Data Analyst

In partnership with the Sinclair Community College Unmanned Aerial Systems and Geography departments, the Dayton Regional STEM Center provides four introductory lessons into the Aerial Sensing Data Analyst Pathway.  Each of these four lessons will give high school students a glimpse into the career of a Aerial Sensing Data Analyst, someone who uses data from unmanned aerial vehicles to map and make decisions about the world around them.  

Lesson 1:  SW Ohio Object Recognition

Lesson 2:  Passive Sensors and the Algal Bloom Problem

Lesson 3:  Healthy River Assessment

Lesson 4:  Mapping Forest Carbon with LiDAR

LiDAR Data for Lesson 4

Unmanned Aerial Systems Entrepreneurship: Coming Soon

Access to these lessons are free of charge due to generous funding of the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education program.