• Student teams design and construct a small/micro-scale symbiotic aquaponic system that can be used by populations lacking natural resources needed to provide and cultivate a sustainable, nutrient-rich food source. This unit engages students in participating in an engineering design challenge in which they create a viable farming method consisting of a self-sustaining system that cycles matter and allows for energy flow, and can provide both fish and vegetables for families.

  • STEM Fellowship slots are now available for the
    2014-2015 school year!


    How The Application & Funding Works:
    Teachers interested in participating in the program can register via PD Express by searching for STEM Fellows Interview & Application Process to obtain an interview slot. Application documents are located within the PD Express posting. For those teachers who are selected from the interview process, the DRSC will contact their school/district to discuss any potential funding options before notifying the teachers of their status.

    Limited Slots For Purchase Are Available:
    Fellowships are available for district, school, and private sponsorships at a cost of $4000. This is a competitive application process and it is recommended that 2-3 candidates participate in the interview process for every slot purchased. Grant funding may be available. Teachers selected through the interview process will become candidates for the Fellowship program. Teachers participating in the Fellowship program are eligible to receive a $1500.00 stipend for completion of program responsibilities. If there are additional questions or concerns, please contact Sandi Preiss at Sandi.Preiss@mcesc.org

    If you are an administrator or organization interested in securing slots for teachers please contact Sandi Preiss immediately at Sandi.Preiss@mcesc.org

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