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STEM Education Leadership & Service Award

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

The following information is what you will need to complete the Nominator Application for the Leadership and Service Award.

Nominator Information

  • Full Name: (Nominators must be in a current supervisory role of the nominee)
  • Position:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email Address:
  • School and/or district affiliation:

Award type

  • Leadership and Service Award (for efforts occurring between the dates of January 2020 – January 2021).

Educator Nominee details (Nominees must be practicing educators)

  • Educator Full Name:
  • Educator teaching position (include all subjects and grades):
  • Educator Phone Number
  • Educator Email Address:
  • Number of years working with Nominee:
  • Educator School Address:

Nomination  questions

Please refrain from using specific names of staff and/or buildings in the descriptions below.

  1. Describe the STEM Education program or project that is the focus of this nomination (not to exceed 200 words). The nominated program or project must have been operational between January 2020 – January 2021 calendar years. Work outside of this time frame will not be considered as acceptable evidence.
  2. Describe the specific ways in which the nominated teacher provided extraordinary leadership or service to design, deliver and/or sustain the STEM Education program, for efforts occurring between the dates of January 2020 – January 2021 (not to exceed 200 words).

Please note that applications will be evaluated utilizing the Dayton Regional STEM Center’s nationally recognized STEM Education Quality Framework. To learn more about the STEM Education Quality Framework and the 10 associated components visit

You will also have to acknowledge the following:

  • I have notified the nominee of this award nomination. (Nominees will receive an email invitation, at the provided email address, to complete their portion of the application).
  • I certify that the identified nominee has not been a recipient of this award in past years.
  • I understand that incomplete applications are not scored and that an application requires:
    • Completed Nominator Form
    • Completed Nominee Form
    • Letter(s) of recommendation (minimum of 1, maximum 3)
  • I understand that award recipients will be recognized at a formal STEM Banquet on May 12, 2021.