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Using Nanoparticles to Deliver Targeted Chemotherapy Drugs

Cancer is a part of our daily lives. The treatment for most cancer patients is usually achieved through aggressive chemotherapy.  Unfortunately this treatment has major side effects as it destroys not only the cancer cells but also the non-cancerous cells around it. Is there a method of treating cancer using nanotechnology to help target just the cancer cells?  In this STEM unit, students gain an understanding of the relative size of nanoparticles and how nanoparticles can be used to deliver medicine. The students will research how normal cells are different from cancer cells and research current innovative cancer treatments besides surgery and traditional chemotherapy. In the engineering design challenge, students will be working as researchers in a race for a Nobel Prize in Medicine. They are to design and build a large-scale conceptual model of a targeted drug delivery system using nanoparticles that only kill cancer cells. Their final presentation will be to the Nobel Prize committee explaining how this conceptual model should move into prototyping phase.