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The Great Space Race

Students will be able to show their knowledge of the standard by creating various design challenges that show mastery of the standard. The goal of the unit is for students to learn the cycles and patterns of motion between Earth and the Sun, and how seasons result from these cycles and patterns. Students will demonstrate their learning through designing mini-games as an engineering design challenge. Students will first learn about the format of the mini-games, or “Minute to Win It” games, the celestial bodies in the solar system, and the importance of the rotation and revolution of the Earth. Then, they will be tasked to design and re-design “Minute to Win It” challenges, including creating a digital answer key for their challenges. In this unit, students will practice graphing and converting measurement units. They will practice writing informative texts, engage in collaborative discussions, and create visual presentations. They will relate latitude and longitude to climate.

Engineering Design Challenge

Over the past several years, “Minute to Win It” has gained popularity as a TV game show, which has progressed to party games, and even used by teachers within their classrooms. Students will design three educational “Minutes to Win It” games that reinforce three different learning targets from the 5th Grade Earth and Space Science standards.
The challenges are required to be active and demonstrate mastery of content in four minutes or less. Students will test and revise challenges in order to create the best possible learning experiences for their peers.