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Room Defender

In this unit, students will be exploring electricity by creating a circuit that is capable of performing multiple functions independently and will market their created product. Electricity is an essential tool for modern living, and a basic understanding of circuits can empower your students. The study of electricity can lead to a better understanding of the transfer of energy from one form to another. Concepts of electrical engineering will guide students throughout their inquiry and design challenge. Students will then write persuasive presentations to gain support for their product from “experts” in a “Shark Tank” format.


Engineering Design Challenge

Many students have younger, pesky siblings that they want to keep out of their personal space and belongings. This has become a dilemma for many siblings. They cannot always be there to keep an eye on their room or belongings. The challenge is to create an alarm for a bedroom door that will alert the owner that a sibling has breached the area. The alarm will be created with a circuit and a switch that will create a sound and visual alert so that the owner will know when an intruder has entered. This will help ensure privacy! Then, each team of entrepreneurs will market their alarm system in a “shark tank” environment to persuade the investors to finance their idea.