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“Excel”ing After The Apocalypse

Congratulations! You are one of the chosen few! The challenge: keep surviving! You are being sent to one of the government designed pods. Everyone in the biosphere has been thoroughly screened and their job assigned. You have been assigned to the civil engineering team and must determine how the land will be divided between housing and farming in order to best sustain the population that will have to live and grow inside the biosphere. Your job will be to design models in order to analyze population growth, carrying capacity, growth rate, and mortality rate to help determine the best way to divide land and resources and control population growth within the sphere. Good luck! The future of the human race depends on you!


Engineering Design Challenge:

Your task is to design a biosphere to preserve human life after the apocalypse. You will develop computer simulations in order to predict the performance of different designs. The land inside the biosphere will be partitioned into areas for housing and farming; your goal is to grow and support the largest possible population by the time it will be safe to go outside.