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Droppin’ the Beat

In this unit, students explore the ways to dampen, mask, or stop a sound wave from propagating into a system (or material) and the surrounding environment. Students research and explore how sound waves are propagated and transmitted through various media. In the engineering design challenge, students will use their acquired knowledge to construct a portable, sound wave absorbing “recording booth,” which is tested using smart device apps capable of emitting and recording sound and showing sound waves.

Student engineering teams are contracted to design a portable recording booth for Droppin/ the Beat Sound Company. The goal is to design a small, portable sound booth prototype that optimizes sound quality and absorbs sound waves.  The prototype must not exceed the size of a copy paper box, but must be large enough to comfortably fit 2 smart devices (smart phone, iPad, tablet, etc.) – one for emitting sound, and one for recording/taking measurements.