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Currently Adrift

Student teams will investigate effects of temperature on water density. Using this knowledge, students will then design a current to carry a raft to a nearby island. Using the video data collected during the design challenge, they will apply ratios and proportions to create a map of the raft’s movement. Teams will then research ocean currents as they apply to real world events in search of a missing flight recorder. Student teams will then create a written proposal to present their predictions of the box’s location.

Engineering Design Challenge

The news has just reported an aircraft crashing into the ocean. As part of the search and recovery team you need to recover the flight data recorder. It can provide key evidence in determining the cause of the aircraft loss. The design challenge is to engineer a model simulation of ocean currents and then estimate the location of a flight data recorder of a downed-at-sea aircraft. The ocean model will simulate the drift of the flight recorder to an island based on ocean currents. Your team will have to manipulate currents to carry your flight recorder onto two different islands. Your team will have hot water (yellow-dyed water) and cold water (blue-dyed water) to represent the currents of the conveyor belt. Your team needs to decide where to position two syringes with tubes to deliver water which is taped onto a tub of water, to represent the ocean, hot and cold water will be pumped into the tub to create the ocean currents and move your flight recorder.