STEM Curriculum

Up, Up and Away

Grades: 8
Industry: Power and Propulsion
Content Area: Design, Designed World, Forces and Motion, Nature of Technology, Reading: Informational Text, Speaking and Listening, Statistics and Probability, Technology and Information Literacy, Technology and Society Interaction, Technology for Productivity Applications, Visual Arts

 In this series of investigations, students will develop an understanding of how magnets can be used to move large payloads such as an airplane. The unit will begin with a career connection activity. Next, students will investigate the properties of magnetism through station activities. Data collection and analysis software will be used to investigate the increase in force […]

Humpty Dumpty: Stay on the Wall!

Grades: K, Pre K
Industry: Human Performance and Medicine
Content Area: Counting and Cardinality, Daily and Seasonal Changes, Government, Language, Literature, Measurement and Data, Observations of Objects and Materials, Observations of the Environment, Properties of Everyday Objects and Materials, Speaking and Listening, Technology and Society Interaction, Writing

Preschool and Kindergarten Unit In this unit, students will conduct scientific investigations and use the engineering design process to solve a problem related to the nursery rhyme: “Humpty Dumpty”. The scientific investigations will engage students in understanding weather patterns, recognizing signs of impending weather, sorting and describing materials, and building strong structures. The students will […]

Dig Up the Volume

Grades: 5
Industry: Sensors
Content Area: Geometry, Measurement and Data, Nature of Technology, Speaking and Listening, Technology and Society Interaction

In this unit students will be engineering a systematic strategy for determining the volume of several rectangular prisms without actually being able to see them.  Student groups will be given several boxes which contain different sized rectangular prisms.  The lids of these boxes will have a coordinate grid which extends into all four quadrants.  Each […]

Vehicle Ergonomics: How Big is Big Enough?

Grades: 4, 5, 6
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Human Performance and Medicine
Content Area: Measurement and Data, Nature of Technology, Statistics and Probability, Technology and Society Interaction

Students are challenged to design an ergonomic automobile driver’s seat. They will take into consideration body proportion measurements and comfort for the average-size students in their class.  Students will engineer the seat based on data collected for student population measurements.

Umm, You’re eating my trash

Grades: 6, 7, 8
Industry: Agricultural Engineering
Content Area: Expressions and Equations, Functions, Nature of Technology, Order and Organization, Statistics and Probability, Technology and Communication Applications, Technology and Society Interaction, The Number System, Writing

Through inquiry-based learning, students are able to experience and investigate the biogeochemical cycles.  They utilize the engineering design process in order to design and construct compost bins.  They also design a method for scientifically testing the validity of snack food companies’ advertisements that their packages are manufactured with 100% compostable materials.  Throughout the composting process, […]

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