STEM Curriculum

Can You Stand on Me?

Grades: 8
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
Content Area: Contemporary World Issues, Design, Design Process, Designed World, Engineering, Geometry, Geometry and Spatial Sense, History, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Literature, Measurement and Data, Nature of Technology, Observations of Objects and Materials, Optimization and Trade-offs, Physical Science, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Reading: Informational Text, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry, Speaking and Listening, Technical Communication, Technology, Technology and Communication Applications, Technology and Information Literacy, Visual Arts, Writing

Visitors to schools in underdeveloped countries have found that students suffer from a lack of technology. Some¬†students do not even have access to a flat surface on which to write. Service groups and industries in the United States, have shown interest in providing learning materials for students of such schools. When groups ship materials overseas, […]

Practical Frac-tile

Grades: 4, 5
Industry: Human Performance and Medicine
Content Area: Design Process, Measurement and Data, Number and Operations- Fractions, Optimization and Trade-offs, Speaking and Listening, Technical Communication

Students will engineer a functional cafeteria floor plan when given the room’s area as well as specific stationary objects. The created floor plan will show both cafeteria functions (cashier, snack table, silverware station, trash, recycling, etc.) human traffic patterns which will be achieved with the tile patterning. Student engineers will work within a given budget […]

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