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Content Area: Measurement

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Let’s Generate

This lesson compliments the Dayton Regional STEM Center lesson titled Electric Motors (designed for grade 11). Students will dissemble a toy motor in order to understand the transformation of kinetic energy to mechanical energy.  Through experimentation and research students will discover how to turn their motor into a wind generator.  Students will then study the…
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Next Generation Wind Racer

Over the course of nine short lessons students will establish the benefits of a wind powered vehicle, explore the definition of a Formula One race car, compile materials suitable for this build, design a vehicle that can harness wind for propulsion, build a formula one wind racer, test their vehicle, redesign or modify based on…
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Playground Project

In this lesson, students work in small groups to design, plan and create a three-dimensional model of a safe playground. Students will conduct research to determine the specific needs for the playground and design and draw a scale model of their playground which must include a slide, climbing structure, swing set, and at least one…
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Design a Backpack

In this activity, students will be given a specific set of materials to use as they apply their knowledge of surface area and volume to design a net for a prism that could function like a small backpack.  After a pre-activity discussion on surface area and volume, students will address design constraints and the engineering…
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Target Practice

In this activity students investigate and research the reflection and refraction of light. The speed of light will be altered by creating multiple scenarios where the light must pass through a variety of media.  Through the use of a variety of objects students will learn about reflection and refraction of light. Physical Sciences Grade 5…
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