STEM Curriculum

Humpty Dumpty: Stay on the Wall!

Grades: K, Pre K
Industry: Human Performance and Medicine
Content Area: Counting and Cardinality, Daily and Seasonal Changes, Government, Language, Literature, Measurement and Data, Observations of Objects and Materials, Observations of the Environment, Properties of Everyday Objects and Materials, Speaking and Listening, Technology and Society Interaction, Writing

Preschool and Kindergarten Unit In this unit, students will conduct scientific investigations and use the engineering design process to solve a problem related to the nursery rhyme: “Humpty Dumpty”. The scientific investigations will engage students in understanding weather patterns, recognizing signs of impending weather, sorting and describing materials, and building strong structures. The students will […]

Lunchbox of the Future

Grades: 3, 4
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
Content Area: Economics, Engineering, Interconnections within Systems, Language, Measurement and Data, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Speaking and Listening, Technology

Working people, school children, and others pack meals to take with them that will be eaten later in the day, however there may not be access to refrigeration or the capability to heat their food.  Students will design and build a lunchbox that will maintain two different temperatures in different sections of the lunchbox. Students […]

Stop Stomping on Me

Grades: 6, 7
Industry: Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Content Area: Contemporary World Issues, Data Analysis and Probability, Design, Design Process, Designed World, Earth and Space Sciences, Earth Systems, Engineering, Environmental Science, Expressions and Equations, Geometry, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Interconnections within Systems, Language, Mathematical Processes, Measurement, Measurement and Data, Order and Organization, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry, Speaking and Listening, Technology and Information Literacy, The Number System, Writing

Student engineering teams assist a city that is building a new soccer field for the World Cup competition.  To protect the city’s precious groundwater, the city requires a field that is as environmentally sustainable as possible, but also meets the needs of professional players.  Students are challenged to design the optimum layered soil arrangement (soil […]

Science Rocks

Grades: 6
Industry: Environmental Engineering
Content Area: Design Process, Earth and Space Sciences, Engineering, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Interconnections within Systems, Language, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry, Scientific Ways of Knowing, Speaking and Listening, Technology, Technology and Communication Applications, Technology and Information Literacy, Visual Arts, Writing

Student teams engineer a computer program that sorts rocks bas on properties in order to identify a specific rock within a Rock Family. Teams identify properties of rocks, then utilize a dichotomous key to sort them by the properties. Students collaboratively engineer a PowerPoint with guiding questions to identify each rock type; thereby, generating a […]

Would You Drink THAT?

Grades: 7
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Human Performance and Medicine
Content Area: Design, Language, Order and Organization, Reading: Informational Text, Speaking and Listening, Statistics and Probability, Writing

Students are challenged to engineer an effective water filtration system that will assist victims of natural disasters.  They will investigate the hydrologic cycle, the effects natural disasters and contaminated water have on living organisms, and compare the body systems of various organisms while testing the effectiveness of their team’s filtration system.  After filtering contaminated water, […]

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