STEM Curriculum

Up, Up and Away

Grades: 8
Industry: Power and Propulsion
Content Area: Design, Designed World, Forces and Motion, Nature of Technology, Reading: Informational Text, Speaking and Listening, Statistics and Probability, Technology and Information Literacy, Technology and Society Interaction, Technology for Productivity Applications, Visual Arts

 In this series of investigations, students will develop an understanding of how magnets can be used to move large payloads such as an airplane. The unit will begin with a career connection activity. Next, students will investigate the properties of magnetism through station activities. Data collection and analysis software will be used to investigate the increase in force […]

Pirate Ship Race

Grades: 5, 6
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
Content Area: Design, Design Process, Engineering, Forces, Forces and Motion, Geography, Geometry, Informational Text, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Interconnections within Systems, Key Ideas and Details, Measurement, Measurement and Data, Order and Organization, Reading: Informational Text, Scientific Inquiry

Teams of student engineers are challenged to design, build and test a prototype pirate ship design.  The prototype ship is tested for its ability to float and to sail around obstacles in a baby pool while carrying a load consisting of a crew, food, and a retrieved hidden treasure. Students use force diagrams to communicate […]

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