STEM Curriculum

Room Defender

Grades: 3, 4
Industry: Power and Propulsion, Sensors
Content Area: Economics, Energy, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Science and Technology, Speaking and Listening, Writing

In this unit, students will be exploring electricity by creating a circuit that is capable of performing multiple functions independently and will market their created product. Electricity is an essential tool for modern living, and a basic understanding of circuits can empower your students. The study of electricity can lead to a better understanding of […]

Protecting Precious Cargo

Grades: 5
Industry: Human Performance and Medicine
Content Area: Design, Economics, Informational Text, Measurement and Data, Physical Science, Speaking and Listening, Technology, Writing

In most car accidents, the bumper is the first point of impact and defense. The better the bumper is designed, the less possibility for damage and injury. Impact barriers, such as the barrels you see at a highway exit or the barriers separating oncoming traffic, are also important for limiting vehicle damage or human injuries. […]

Lunchbox of the Future

Grades: 3, 4
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
Content Area: Economics, Engineering, Interconnections within Systems, Language, Measurement and Data, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Speaking and Listening, Technology

Working people, school children, and others pack meals to take with them that will be eaten later in the day, however there may not be access to refrigeration or the capability to heat their food. ¬†Students will design and build a lunchbox that will maintain two different temperatures in different sections of the lunchbox. Students […]

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