STEM Curriculum

Stop Stomping on Me

Grades: 6, 7
Industry: Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Content Area: Contemporary World Issues, Data Analysis and Probability, Design, Design Process, Designed World, Earth and Space Sciences, Earth Systems, Engineering, Environmental Science, Expressions and Equations, Geometry, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Interconnections within Systems, Language, Mathematical Processes, Measurement, Measurement and Data, Order and Organization, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry, Speaking and Listening, Technology and Information Literacy, The Number System, Writing

Student engineering teams assist a city that is building a new soccer field for the World Cup competition.  To protect the city’s precious groundwater, the city requires a field that is as environmentally sustainable as possible, but also meets the needs of professional players.  Students are challenged to design the optimum layered soil arrangement (soil […]

Moving On Up

Grades: 11, 12
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Environmental Engineering
Content Area: Algebra, Contemporary World Issues, Creating Equations, Design, Design Process, Designed World, Physical Science, Reading: Informational Text, Speaking and Listening, Statistics, Technology, Writing

Teams of students will design and build a model for a transportation system in the Virunga Mountains. Student learning will focus on science (physics of simple machines), math (statistics and modeling), language arts (technical writing) and history (African people and mountain ranges) to solve this problem.

It’s NOT Easy Being Green Algae!

Grades: 10, 11
Industry: Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Power and Propulsion
Content Area: Contemporary World Issues, Design, Design Process, Designed World, Earth Systems, Engineering, Environmental Science, Government, Life Science, Reading: Informational Text, Statistics, Technology, Visual Arts, Writing

After being initially exposed to the basics of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, student teams design an algae growth chamber focusing primarily on producing large quantities of algae.  Teams collect and measure algae on a daily basis, and research uses of algae for a sustainable fuel source.  In order to inform the public about the potential […]

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