STEM Curriculum

Who You Gonna Call? Mousebusters!

Grades: 7, 8
Industry: Sensors
Content Area: Engineering, Science and Technology

Disruptive and harmful pests are a nuisance and becoming more of a problem as humans continue to develop land that was once their home. Exterminators and pest control professionals need to continue to develop new and humane ways to trap and relocate these critters.  This unit’s focus is the design of an effective and humane […]

Fire Safety Impact Systems

Grades: 6, 7, 8
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Human Performance and Medicine, Sensors
Content Area: Design, Design Process, Engineering, Expressions and Equations, Nature of Technology, Physical Science, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Reading: Informational Text, Writing

In this unit, students will explore the relationships between force, motion, and gravity as they team up with Underwriters Laboratories to create a prototype for use in emergency situations, such as a house fire, to break a person’s fall. Teams of students will work collaboratively to employ the engineering design process as they design an […]

Thermal Insulators

Grades: 5, 8
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Sensors
Content Area: Data Analysis and Probability, Measurement and Data, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Physical Science, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry

Students will explore thermal insulators through a design challenge in which students study and test insulative properties of common materials after which they will conduct data analysis and use their findings to propose a solution for the design challenge.  This lesson includes a student designed experiment as well as a structured experiment. If you have […]

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