STEM Curriculum

Up, Up and Away

Grades: 8
Industry: Power and Propulsion
Content Area: Design, Designed World, Forces and Motion, Nature of Technology, Reading: Informational Text, Speaking and Listening, Statistics and Probability, Technology and Information Literacy, Technology and Society Interaction, Technology for Productivity Applications, Visual Arts

 In this series of investigations, students will develop an understanding of how magnets can be used to move large payloads such as an airplane. The unit will begin with a career connection activity. Next, students will investigate the properties of magnetism through station activities. Data collection and analysis software will be used to investigate the increase in force […]

Nature of Flight

Grades: 5, 6, 7, 8
Industry: Air Systems/Vehicles, Power and Propulsion
Content Area: Data Analysis and Probability, Design, Engineering, Life Science, Mathematical Processes, Measurement, Physical Science, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry, Scientific Ways of Knowing, Speaking and Listening, Technical Communication, Technology, Writing

The lesson will focus on how the principles of flight are demonstrated in nature and how nature can provide models for man-made air vehicles.  Mankind has learned (and is learning) a great deal by observing living organisms in attempt to replicate their physical abilities.  The intent of this lesson is to leverage the students’ interest […]

Let’s Generate

Grades: 8, 9
Industry: Power and Propulsion
Content Area: Measurement, Physical Science, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry

This lesson compliments the Dayton Regional STEM Center lesson titled Electric Motors (designed for grade 11). Students will dissemble a toy motor in order to understand the transformation of kinetic energy to mechanical energy.  Through experimentation and research students will discover how to turn their motor into a wind generator.  Students will then study the […]

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