STEM Curriculum

The Dayton Trebuchet

Grades: 6
Industry: Power and Propulsion
Content Area: Expressions and Equations, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Order and Organization

In this lesson students will design a working trebuchet for maximum accuracy, distance and force using the engineering design process. Students will utilize the measurement formulas to calculate kinetic and potential energy and therefore create a trebuchet for a specific function (ex. Hitting a target, knocking down a wall or launching for distance).

Nature of Flight

Grades: 5, 6, 7, 8
Industry: Air Systems/Vehicles, Power and Propulsion
Content Area: Data Analysis and Probability, Design, Engineering, Life Science, Mathematical Processes, Measurement, Physical Science, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry, Scientific Ways of Knowing, Speaking and Listening, Technical Communication, Technology, Writing

The lesson will focus on how the principles of flight are demonstrated in nature and how nature can provide models for man-made air vehicles.  Mankind has learned (and is learning) a great deal by observing living organisms in attempt to replicate their physical abilities.  The intent of this lesson is to leverage the students’ interest […]

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