STEM Curriculum

Science Rocks

Grades: 6
Industry: Environmental Engineering
Content Area: Design Process, Earth and Space Sciences, Engineering, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Interconnections within Systems, Language, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry, Scientific Ways of Knowing, Speaking and Listening, Technology, Technology and Communication Applications, Technology and Information Literacy, Visual Arts, Writing

Student teams engineer a computer program that sorts rocks bas on properties in order to identify a specific rock within a Rock Family. Teams identify properties of rocks, then utilize a dichotomous key to sort them by the properties. Students collaboratively engineer a PowerPoint with guiding questions to identify each rock type; thereby, generating a […]


Grades: 6
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Environmental Engineering
Content Area: Data Analysis and Probability, Design, Design Process, Designed World, Engineering, Geometry, Geometry and Spatial Sense, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Mathematical Processes, Measurement, Measurement and Data, Observations of Objects and Materials, Observations of the Environment, Order and Organization, Physical Science, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Reading: Informational Text, Science and Technology, Scientific Inquiry, Speaking and Listening, Technology and Communication Applications, Visual Arts, Writing

Student teams utilize the engineering process to build an eco-friendly, cost-effective packaging prototype for shipping products.  In order to effectively complete the design challenge, students research recyclable packaging options for diminishing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.  Teams follow the engineering design process to design a prototype, and utilize a Decision Analysis […]

Umm, You’re eating my trash

Grades: 6, 7, 8
Industry: Agricultural Engineering
Content Area: Expressions and Equations, Functions, Nature of Technology, Order and Organization, Statistics and Probability, Technology and Communication Applications, Technology and Society Interaction, The Number System, Writing

Through inquiry-based learning, students are able to experience and investigate the biogeochemical cycles.  They utilize the engineering design process in order to design and construct compost bins.  They also design a method for scientifically testing the validity of snack food companies’ advertisements that their packages are manufactured with 100% compostable materials.  Throughout the composting process, […]

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