STEM Curriculum

Sunshades and Shadows

Grades: K, Pre K
Industry: Environmental Engineering
Content Area: Algebra, Craft and Structure, Daily and Seasonal Changes, Design, Design Process, Designed World, Energy, Engineering, Geometry, Informational Text, Key Ideas and Details, Measurement and Data, Patterns Functions and Algebra, Physical Science, Research to Build and Present Knowledge, Speaking and Listening, Text Types and Purposes, Writing

Students participate in hands-on inquiry-based centers and guided activities to increase knowledge of shadows and light. ¬†Students explore and manipulate light, using a light source to simulate the sun at various times of day and observe shadows, create and measure shadows, and test how various types of media block light. Students explore the shadows created […]

Humpty Dumpty: Stay on the Wall!

Grades: K, Pre K
Industry: Human Performance and Medicine
Content Area: Counting and Cardinality, Daily and Seasonal Changes, Government, Language, Literature, Measurement and Data, Observations of Objects and Materials, Observations of the Environment, Properties of Everyday Objects and Materials, Speaking and Listening, Technology and Society Interaction, Writing

Preschool and Kindergarten Unit In this unit, students will conduct scientific investigations and use the engineering design process to solve a problem related to the nursery rhyme: “Humpty Dumpty”. The scientific investigations will engage students in understanding weather patterns, recognizing signs of impending weather, sorting and describing materials, and building strong structures. The students will […]

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