STEM Curriculum

Mars Rover: Can You Hear Me? Can You See Me?

Grades: 5
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Human Performance and Medicine, Sensors
Content Area: Contemporary World Issues, Craft and Structure, Design, Design Process, Earth and Space Sciences, Energy and Waves, Engineering, Informational Text, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Interconnections within Systems, Key Ideas and Details, Measurement and Data, Physical Science, Production and Distribution of Writing, Reading: Informational Text, Research to Build and Present Knowledge, Speaking and Listening, Technology, Text Types and Purposes, Writing

As we proceed into the future, space exploration is becoming an essential part of our own growth as humans. Space exploration requires innovative, creative, adaptable people to develop the technology necessary for these grand endeavors into new environments. Specifically, the first settlers on Mars will have to use technology developed on Earth in order to […]

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